Thursday, August 26, 2010

What a DAY!!!

O.M.G.,,,,, what a DAY!!!

Not only did I find out that I might be getting “Desperate Hearts” in a MAJOR magazine, but I also managed to get the help of a publicist.
This could be BIG news for me, and need fingers crossed all across the internet!!!!!

Has anyone ever noticed how much time it takes to market a book? I just pitched nearly15 agents, and the time it takes to make sure I follow all of the rules boggles the mind. This one wants this,, that one wants that…… WHEW!!!! But, maybe the efforts will pay off for my COMPLETED manuscript “Crystal Dreams”

I told my dear husband that he is going to have to be my manager, because between a day job and pitching, I need to find time to now finish “A Pharaoh’s Kiss”

Good Night everyone,,, all my best!!!