Friday, June 17, 2011

Featured Sepaker

I am the featured speaker tomorrow for my group "Yosemite Romance Writers"
I will be talking about building your protagonist.
Feel free to register and drop by,,, 

Lady Di's letters

I suppose there was a time when we could write a letter to our friends and expect them to remain private. And in most cases they would. However, when you are a person like Lady Di, you should expect privacy will eventually fly out the window. I have to wonder, if Lady Di were still alive today, would her long time friend, Margaret Hodge, sell her out?

Writing ones thoughts, or stories really is such a private thing. But in reality, everything we write down on paper is up for grabs. Unless you keep it locked away in your head. 
If Lady Di had lived, I wonder if she would have written a book. Maybe her memoirs, or the story of her life. If she had, it would most certainly have been made into a movie. A real movie, not one conjured up in someones imagination or taken from the words of someone who thought they knew her best.

I wonder,,,, would Lady Di have wanted her private letters sold if it meant an easier life for her friend? Would she have understood? 

Have fun writing today,, summer is here,, yeah,,,,