Thursday, October 21, 2010

Harlequine Freebie Fridays

Just letting all of you 'Harlequine' fans know that I have a link on my web-site for the Freebie Friday specials.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Did you know that this year on the date 10-10-10 couples raced to the alter to get married because they thought the numbers would bring them good luck! I guess they looked at the day the same would when choosing their lottery numbers. When will couples learn that marriage should not be embarked upon based upon a number or a sign of luck and that love and intuition should be the driving force that brings two people together?

So I did some research and looked at the number 11-11-11, and wondered what will happen next year. Besides the obvious that those couples who decided to marry because of a number 10-10-10 could be having babies that might be born on 11-11-11. Did you also know that 111111 x 111111 = 12345654321 (how odd is that!) And that in the metaphysical world, 11 is a double digit and is considered a master or power number. In numerology the number 11 represents impractical idealism, visionary, refinement of ideals, intuition, revelation, artistic and inventive genius, avant-garde, androgynous, film, fame, refinement fulfilled when working with a practical partner. Eleven is a higher octave of the number two . It has psychic vibrations and has an equal balance of masculine and feminine properties. Because eleven contains gifts such as psychic awareness and a sense of sensitivity, it also has negative effects such as treachery and betrayal from secret enemies.
So, I wonder, what will 11-11-11 bring us next year.

Just my though for the day......
Have a good one!


Monday, October 18, 2010

Author's 'Julia Rachel Barrett' and 'Sharon Lathan'

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Julia Barrett at my local RWA meting. She was our guest speaker. She is a charismatic author of Erotic Romance. In fact I am in the middle of her book "Captured". Both myself, and my husband are enjoying the story. Is is SciFi Erotica, and really fun.
Julia really impressed me, and I find her writing both entertaining and interesting. I can't wait to read more!
Julia Rachel Barrett

I am also proud to be reading "Loving Mr.Darcy" by Author Sharon Lathan. She is part of the Jane Austen Fan Fiction Team, and she is a member of my local RWA chapter 'Yosemite Romance Writers' I love her style, and find that she takes me to the world's she creates within the first few pages of the book.
Sharon is a fantastic author, and I highly recommend her books to any reader looking for a great Regency.
I am loving this book, and hope to soon read more.
Sharon Lathan

Thanks for reading!!!!!

Love Struck Novice Interview on Wednesday

Hello everyone,
I will be on the Love Struck Novice blog on Wednesday. Please drop by for my interview.
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