Saturday, June 11, 2011

Why not me?

Do you ever wonder why you weren't invited?

I think we all must have asked ourselves that question. Some event comes up that excites us, and we wait in anticipation for the big invite that never comes. Disappointment takes over our emotions, and then anger develops as we wonder why we were left out. And we ask,,, why not me?

I think as authors, we have all dealt with this in one way or another. We submit our query letters and we wait. Then when the invitation to submit our manuscript does not come, we feel let down.

An invitation to a party we just knew we should have been invited to, is about the same as an invitation to submit our work to an editor.  The disappointments are the same and the rejection is the same. But god love us all, we are strong. One rejection, whether it be from that long awaited party, wedding, baby-shower, or manuscript,,,,  should not rule our day. 

Get up, get dressed, write-write-write,,, and have a great day...............