Sunday, August 21, 2011

News and Info

At my group meeting with Yosemite Romance Writers yesterday, we listened to Donald Maass. He was at the 2010 RWA conference. If you've never had the chance to hear his lessons, make sure you take the time at the next conference. You can also go on line to his web-site to get locations where he will be having his workshops. I definitely plan on attending if he's going to be at the 2012 RWA conference in Anaheim. 

Its Sunday, so have a great day. It's lovely outside, and he evenings are getting nice. Fall is just around the corner, one of most favorite times of the year.

Congratulations to Kevin and Victoria. Jordan was born on Monday. Watch for their story in People Magazine. Another great niece, how fun. :-)

Have a relaxed day,,

Diane Story