Wednesday, April 13, 2011


My husband and I went and saw the movie "Hanna"
We both felt the movie was done very well. But we also thought it was disturbing.
The visual aspects of the film were really stunning. The music and tone were as well. And we enjoyed the cast.
We guess it would have to be the story line that got to us. We fell in love with Hanna right away, and of course we hated the protagonist.  I wouldn't say we left with a warm fuzzy feeling, in fact quite the opposite. 
While I would recommend the movie to adults, I don't feel it is appropriate for kids. 
All in all, the movie kept us guessing and on edge. And since that was what we went for, we expected it, and enjoyed the ride. 
Saoirse Ronan did a fabulous job, we hope to see her in more movies in the years to come. No doubt, we will.

Thanks for reading,,,,
Diane Story