Friday, May 20, 2011

Who's Point Of View Is It Anyway? And What About That Attitude?

Lately, I’ve found myself writing my romance novels from the hero’s POV. Not that that is really odd. But it made me think about other authors and how they write. One of my favorite romance authors is ‘Lisa Kleypas’. I love most of her books, but steer more toward her regencies. I have read books where she writes in the hero’s POV and visa-versa. In either case, I think she is fabulous at making the switch. It is an art for sure. One I hope to master.
Along another line, what do you think about attitude when it comes to characters? Have you ever just despised a character for their attitude? Or not been able to fall in love with a character because of their attitude? Was it the hero or the heroin? How do we actually judge a character when they have an attitude we just do not like. I mean, if I like the book, I will finish the story and understand that a characters attitude is part of what makes him or her interesting, despised or both . I suppose it all boils down to the complete story. Before judging a characters attitude, we really do have to wait until the end.

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