Monday, June 20, 2011

Men and their hair!

What happened to men and their hair?

I'm not talking the hair on their heads. We all know about the genetics as far as balding is concerned. You know.. the balding Gene comes from the mothers side of the family,,, and so on...

What I'm talking about is body hair. I mean, why are men shaving their bodies? I saw a commercial recently where a man shaved his entire body. it was some sort of razor, or shaving cream commercial. Anyway, whats wrong with a little masculine body hair. I happen to think hairy arms, chest, legs make a man more masculine. However, I am the first to admit that the hair on their backs can go....
I once watched the Ididerod race in Anchorage Alaska. When the mountain men came out in their furs, you could hardly see their eyes a midst all the hair. I thought they were cute, but not kissable. A little facial shaving would certainly do them good.

Anyway, I think curling up to my husband with all his hair is more fun. I am certain I would not like him to shave his arms and legs. And definitely not his chest.  

Have a nice day,,

Diane Story

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