Tuesday, July 12, 2011

And More Snippets.....

Harper stood in the shadows of the hotel patio and watched the mayor of Elkhorn drive her buggy past him. He was well hidden in the dark, and was glad she didn’t notice him as she drove by. He’d been coming to Elkhorn Pass for the last two years and had actually only lived at gold center for a few months but had never stopped in the town of Elk-horn until tonight. He took a long drag off his cigar then threw it to the ground before squashing it under his boot. “Lady Aubuchon, Mayor of Elkhorn. A challenge I look for-ward to,” he drawled slowly from deep in his throat. He watched her until she was no longer visible under the moonlit night before he went back inside to join the others. He’d been on his way to deliver the gold, but now it would have to wait until he could build up more. The children would have to be patient; hell, he would have to be patient now. His schedule was beginning to stretch out further and further. His aunt would never release him from their agreement until the children were safe and secure. And neither would he

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