Sunday, November 6, 2011

I"m finished!!!! "Brindie Spearman - Pop Princess" is done!!!

OMG, I am so happy to share with my friends. Tonight, just now! I finished my second erotica novella. 
This one is called "Pop Princess - Brindie Spearman" and YES, it is what you think it is.
I have some edits to do, and hope to get done with them as soon as next week. then a synopsis and query. Then, I'll submit it.
I have to say, this one was fun. Not because of my connection to Kevin, but because it was truly amazing to write something that the world will get a kick out of. If you like erotica, I am sure, you will like this. A look into the world of pop, hmmmmmm....
Have a nice night, :-)

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