Friday, May 4, 2012


Nothing But Love

You may think, at times, that the world is fatal
That all just dies, and drifts, and slowly fades away
That these lives we slave for now, 
Mean nothing to the end.

I am here to tell you, little girl inside, 
That though you grow outside-
You remain you.
That while others will thrive, 
With masks to survive, 

You alone, shall be you

I have seen the way you mark people, 
They excite in your art, 
Art of unique originality, 
And art in love.

Do not keep seeking, instead, be sought
You spend your whole life searching for what's naught
These walls you channel are set bound in stone
You must find those who will tear down your heart, 
Tear down your sorry heart, 
To find some love.

Love, it may so happen, 
Love, it works, I tell you.
Never stop saying, as you always be saying, 
“Nothing, nothing but love.” 
author unknown

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